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Join the mission to innovate and stand out

What do Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Netflix all have in common? All of these companies are the result of a thorough grasp of what people want and need, as well as a desire to innovate.

Know Your Crowd


is a project that grew out of my passion for researching the relationship between products and how they are used by people. I deeply believe that every entrepreneur is an explorer and an innovator.

This is why I want to empower entrepreneurs and small company owners by teaching them how to produce amazing products, and inspiring them to build even better ones. User experience isn't just for individuals or enterprises with the financial means to hire UX designers.

Anyone can utilize design thinking, and it is my goal to spread the word to anyone who wants to future-proof their product, service, or business and grow with their customers and clients. My goal is to empower you to make the best decisions for your product and services. Let's skip the unnecessary jargon and make UX fun and simple to understand.

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